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Brand: غناتي Model: عطر للجنسين
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Brand: غناتي Model: العطور النسائية
Ghannati’s black perfume is an oriental floral that gives a dose of vitality as you do coffee, but you will always need it later.. It opens with pink pepper, orange flowers and pears, and in the heart, its light is Arab jasmine and shades of coffee beans and moves to a sensual woody base of vanilla and cedar wood with patchouli, which is one of Ghannati’s perfumes The perfume, which was issued in early 2016 with five colors, comes with a black perfume bottle to give it the luxury it deserves, with a volume of 50 ml...
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Brand: غناتي Model: زيوت فرنسيه - عطر للجنسين
Contains amber, vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli..
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Brand: غناتي Model: العطور النسائيه
A fragrance that opens with honey, citrus and orange, and the middle notes are tuberose, cherry, orange blossom and pear at the base. Patchouli, sandalwood, amber, vanilla, white musk and tonka are based on a delicate and calm fragrance that comes in a 65 ml glass bottle..
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Brand: غناتي Model: العطور النسائيه
With the softness of feathers, cool and calm design, the fragrance opens with powder, the middle of the fragrance is lily, touches of fruit, and its base is musk and vanilla. It comes in a 30 ml package...
150 ريال Ex Tax:130 ريال
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