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in 2001

 Majed Abdullah Al-Saab started from a small kiosk in the Makkah Towers near the Great Mosque of Mecca under the name of Oud Najdiyah to sell agarwood, agarwood oil and oriental mixtures, and during a not long period of time, the first employee on the success journey was hired to help him receive customers. Najdiyah, at that time, was continuous clients from the Kingdom and the Arabian Gulf who seasonally go to the Holy House of God.

The journey of expansion began, and he deliberately opened a number of branches for Oud Najdiyah, one branch after another, thanks to God, until Oud Najdeh became the owner of 6 branches near the Great Mosque of Mecca.

In 2005, Majed Abdullah Al-Saab decided to enter the markets throughout the Kingdom under the name of Ghanati as a registered trademark, and 12 branches were opened at that time in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Qassim and Taif at that time, those branches did not sell only 3 products. 1- Ghanati perfume 2- Ghanati incense 3- Ghanati lotion. The team at Ghannati bet on success, and thanks to God and His success, the perfume and incense succeeded and gained popularity and admiration from the customers. Then the journey of expanding the varieties and branches began. Ghannati today has more than 80 branches around the Kingdom and wonderful and varied varieties of perfumes, incense and mixtures, and as it began, it still puts the customer and his satisfaction is the goal. The essential for success, and Ghannati always owes its customers who contributed to its success.. The team will not forget the customers' suggestions over the past years, and they were a guiding light for us towards success. When we meet a customer in one of the branches and he says: (I am your customer from the days of you were not selling Ghannati perfume alone) we are sure that the real success is the satisfaction of customers and their continuity with us over the past years. Thank you.. and the next, God willing, is more beautiful